Why do you use a Diaper Rash Ointment?

Seems like a rather dumb question, doesn’t it? Your child has developed diaper rash, and you want it gone! It is painful, and can damage their skin if left untreated. You’re a good Parent, why wouldn’t you try to make it better? Of course you would, the next question is which one? There are dozens of diaper rash ointments available on the market; which one should you use? The one with the most advertising? The one your Mother or friends used? The one your Pediatrician recommended? All good questions with viable answers. The best answer is the one that works best for your child! We would like to humbly offer our product as a very good answer. Ingredients are important; that’s what makes the p

Go Diaper Free to Heal Diaper Rash

Wetness leads to diaper rashes. The most important step to prevent and heal diaper rash is to avoid prolonged exposure to wetness. Changing your baby’s diaper whenever the diaper is wet or soiled is important whether you use cloth or disposable diapers. Another good, natural solution is to let your baby go diaper free, it gives the skin a chance to be exposed to air, to dry out the rash. The Mayo Clinic recommends a few simple strategies to prevent diaper rashes including giving your baby’s bottom diaper-free time and exposure to air. (This diaper free time is not to be confused with Elimination Communication or diaper-free infant potty training.) Go Diaper Free to Heal Diaper Rash This di

How to Avoid Diaper Rashes with Cloth and Disposable Diapers

Whether you choose to use cloth or disposable diapers, you can avoid diaper rashes by keeping your baby dry. Dryness is key. Always promptly change your baby’s diaper whenever it is wet or soiled, gently clean with water, and allow skin to dry before re-diapering. How to Avoid Diaper Rashes with Cloth Diapers The best way to avoid diaper rashes when using cloth diapers is to change the diaper immediately when wet or soiled. Apply a thin layer of PINXAV with every diaper change. Pinxav works well with cloth diapers as it does not cause a cloth diaper to repel. Wash cloth diapers carefully by pre-soaking heavily soiled diapers and use hot water to wash. How to Avoid Diaper Rashes with Disposab

Diaper Rash; Are you treating all the symptoms?

Diaper rash happens! It is caused by moisture, and it can be painful and damage the skin if left untreated. The common treatment is a diaper rash ointment…but are they all the same? Most diaper rash products start with Zinc Oxide, the active ingredient most recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Zinc Oxide creates a barrier to shield the skin from further moisture – but you can do more! Rashes are sensitive and painful, does your diaper rash ointment work to stop the pain? Rashes can damage the skin, does your ointment work to actually heal the skin? Check out the ingredients of the brand you currently use. Is the brand just adding lubricants, petroleum and fragrances to their fo

How to Treat Heat Rash

If you or your child has developed an eruption of little red or pink bumps on the skin, it may be heat rash – also known as prickly heat or summer rash. People of all ages can develop heat rash but it is most common with babies. Heat rash can appear anywhere on the skin but typically is seen where clothes fit snugly like the chest, neck, stomach, crotch, and baby’s bottom. Heat rash is caused when sweat ducts or pours are clogged from excessive sweat. It looks like bright-red or pink pimply bumps on the skin. How to Treat Heat Rash Cool down your child by removing clothing and getting him into a cool place. Avoid abrasive clothing materials, especially in areas where heat rash has developed.

5 Uses for Diaper Rash Cream Every Mom Should Know

Mom Blogger, Emily from Baby Dickey discovered 5 uses for Pinxav diaper rash cream that every mom should know about. In addition to treating diaper rash, Pinxav has many uses for bumps and bruises, acne, sunburn, razor burn, dry skin, and more. Read more about 5 uses for diaper rash cream every mom should know. Where to Buy PINXAV You can buy PINXAV on our website in a variety of sizes with FREE Shipping or behind the pharmacy counter locally at Giant Eagle, Heinen’s, Discount Drug Mart, Buehlers, and Acme Fresh markets. If your local store doesn’t carry PINXAV, ask them to start ordering it.

10 Safe Spring Cleaning Tips for Child Safety

While Spring Cleaning this season, follow these 10 Safe Spring Cleaning Tips for Child Safety. Avoid Unintentional Exposure to Children – If possible, do your Spring Cleaning while your children are asleep or away. If cleaning while children are around, always put cleaning products away when not in immediate use. Keep lids securely tightened and away when not in use. Immediately drain any bucket when not in immediate use. Vacuum with HEPA Filter – Children spend the majority of their time on the floor. Be sure to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter or sonic cleaning technology to ensure your floors are clean from dirt, mold, pet dander, and other dangers. Use Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaners – Children

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