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It was all the way back in 1927, when Milford Harris invented Pinxav (pronounced “pink- salve”). He created this unique, soothing, and protective ointment for diaper rashes and other skin irritations. (That’s him in the photo, inside his Cleveland, OH drug store.) For Milford,  developing Pinxav was a labor of love, because he was trying to perfect a diaper rash treatment for his friends, customers and family. As a pharmacist, he found that the available ointments, or   “salves,” as they were commonly called, didn’t work. So he invented one that did.

Today, high quality products are harder and harder to find, but Pinxav is still here. We’ve been around for almost a century and we are here to stay. Our mission has never changed and Milford’s legacy lives on: helping to heal and prevent skin irritations of all types, in babies, adults and individuals in their golden years.


Emjay Labs Inc.

26800 Fargo Ave., Ste F

Bedford Heights, OH 44146

Tel: 1-888-4-PINXAV  (888-474-6928)


Emjay Labs Warehouse

26800 Fargo Ave, Ste F

Bedford Heights, OH 44146

Tel: 216-472-5102

Fax: 216-472-5110

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