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Did you know that Pinxav does more than just heal diaper rash? 


You can use Pinxav for treating bug bites, heat rashes, sunburns, poison ivy and to manage chafing from athletic activities. Pinxav is your skin’s best friend! 


Babies (Diaper Rash)  Pinxav provides a protective coating for a baby’s bottom. Daily application to clean, dry skin will guard against and help relieve diaper rash.


Active Adults (Rashes and Chapped Skin)  Pinxav creates a lubricating and antibacterial barrier for high performance athletes such as cyclists, surfers, and runners to prevent chafing and infection.


Seniors (Protection)  Pinxav provides relief and helps prevent against dry, cracked skin. Use over sun-block for extra protection from sunburn. Use to prevent rashes and to soothe minor skin irritations.


Homebound (Rashes)  Pinxav helps provides comfort to those who are less active and will help protect areas exposed to dampness caused by possible incontinence.


Everyday Uses  Pinxav can also be used for everyday first aid to protect skin from minor scrapes, burns, sunburn, acne and other skin irritations.



Caution: If prolonged skin irritation occurs, consult a physician. Avoid contact with the eyes and do not apply to open wounds. Avoid getting on clothing. The adhesive quality of Pinxav will cause stains on fabric.

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