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(Founder of Pinxav Milfred Harris with wife and former Pinxav CEO Lillian Harris in upper left photo)


Diaper Rash Happens even among the most diligent of Moms. 75% of all Babies will develop diaper rash at least once every six months!


As a true family run brand, Pinxav has always been rooted in the belief in creating a product that heals and protects our most vulnerable in order to support healthy, happy families.


In 1927 Milford Harris of Cleveland Ohio, along with a dedicated group of doctors and pharmacists knew they could make a product that worked better than anything else on the market. They stripped all unnecessary additives and used more of the active ingredient, Zinc Oxide, than any other brand. The result was a Diaper Rash Ointment that surpassed all the rest with natural ingredients, giving parents the very best choice in caring for their babies. Not only does Pinxav create a barrier to prevent further wetness and irritation, our proprietary formula adds natural ingredients to stop the pain - and start to heal the damaged skin tissue. 


When Milford Harris passed his wife Lillian Harris took over the company becoming one of very few female CEO’s of her time.  Lillian used her passion and first hand experience using Pinxav on her own children to promote and grow Pinxav to the brand we know and love today.  (Her interview below speaks to her work ethic and dedication to the company) 


For the past 90 years this homegrown brand has not only healed and prevented baby rashes, but due to the prevalence of Zinc Oxide and other effective ingredients, it’s been adopted as an extremely protective sunscreen for surfers, chamois cream for performance cyclists, and protective barrier for the elderly.


When we say "the best rash decision you'll ever make" — we mean it; and stand behind it with our Happiness Guarantee. 

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