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We want to dedicate this section to answering questions we get about our product. How to use it, why it works, where can I find it, what else can it do, etc. If you have a question, send it to – we’ll get an answer and publish it for all.

Thank You!


  • Why is PINXAV Pink?
    This has to be the question that we get the most! There is a very, very small amount of Ferric Oxide in the PINXAV ingredients. Simply put, it is an agent that makes all the other ingredients play nicer together and work better together! Remember Calamine Lotion, same principle. This is what makes PINXAV pink!
  • Does PINXAV Expire?
    There is really nothing in PINXAV that actually expires. By law, we must put an “expiration” date on the product. Usually the dating is determined by a date where the ingredients might start to separate. That time is determined by aggressive testing to try to force it to separate. We have heard stories from Fans that have kept and used the same jar for 10 years. We certainly don’t want anyone to use “bad” product, but if the product looks good – it probably is. But feel free to buy more!
  • Can I get PINXAV at my local store?
    The honest answer is maybe (hopefully)! If you live in Ohio or Western PA; PINXAV is available at Giant Eagle, Discount Drug Mart, Buehler’s, Acme Markets and Marc’s everyday. If not, you can simply ask the Pharmacist at your local store to order it from their Drug Wholesaler – they can usually get overnight. The same wholesalers that supply their prescription drugs also stock PINXAV in many of their distribution centers. We supply most all of them… McKesson, Cardinal, AmerisourceBergen. Please ask them to order it for you (and maybe even consider stocking it on their shelves everyday!)
  • PINXAV and Petrolatum
    We recently received a call asking us about the Petrolatum (Petroleum Jelly) we use in PINXAV. There have been questions raised about the safety of this product as it relates to contamination with PAH’s (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). Understand there are varying types and purity of the petrolatum that is used in drug and cosmetic products. We ONLY use the highest quality ingredients available to make PINXAV. We use Snow White Petrolatum that bears the USP certification. It has been further refined and tested and is safe for use. We appreciate the question. Sometimes all of us are guilty of assuming that everyone understands and trusts our product. We ARE as concerned about the safety of our product as you are about the safety of your Child!
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