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The Benefits of Lanolin!

Did you know that PINXAV contains 17% Lanolin? Compare that to other brands. Found a great article about all the wonderful uses of Lanolin for your skin!

Benefits of lanolin for skin: The moisturizing agent is included in a wide range of skincare and beauty products for consumers of all ages. The studies proved that lanolin could moisturize the skin by up to 400%, so it is a significant ingredient in numerous lotions, creams, and ointments. Here are 7 uses of lanolin for the skin:

1. Repairs cracked and sore nipples due to breastfeeding. Lanolin soothes the tender skin that was damaged after nursing the baby. Once applied on the nipples, the organic ingredient profoundly moisturizes the skin and prevents it from drying out. Plus, the evidence suggests that the lanolin oil reduces nipple trauma, diminishes pain, and even prevents the cracking of the mamilla.

2. Smoothens and fixes chapped lips. Many women promise that lanolin is the perfect lip balm! The natural waxy product saturates the skin of the lips with moisture and leaves it silky smooth for hours. Are you out of your usual lip balm? Use a tiny amount of a nipple cream with lanolin, and your lips will improve their texture and appearance instantly.

3. Heals diaper rash. Did you know that the baby’s urine is so acidic, that it irritates their sensitive skin? It’s the main reason why you are advised to keep a diaper rash cream at reach and use it whenever the skin gets red and with raised bumps. When mixed with zinc oxide and other natural ingredients, lanolin will create a protective barrier between the baby’s skin and wet diaper. Thus, the skin will heal, and the discomfort will disappear.

4. Moisturizes the skin in patients with diabetes. When the blood sugar levels are too high, the skin will begin to resemble pimples. Sometimes, it can look like porcelain, and it can feel itchy and painful. When the epidermis is dry, hard, and swollen due to diabetes, you can accelerate the healing with a lanolin-rich cream. Lanolin will help to prevent possible infection, preserve the moisture in the skin, and avoid the complications of the diabetic foot.

5. Helps to repair the skin burns and protects against the damaging sun rays. Because lanolin works by creating a barrier on the surface of the skin, it will impede the evaporation of water and maintain proper levels of natural oils. Thus, you can use lanolin for sunburns and prevent the peeling of the skin, but not immediately after the sun exposure. Why? The wool wax contains alcohol, and it could make the burn feel worse.

6. Softens cuticles and restores healthy fingernails, toenails, hands, and feet. You might visit the salon every 2-3 weeks for a semi-permanent manicure, but their cuticle products aren’t as effective or hydrating as you would want. Why don’t you use some lanolin for the health and beauty of your cuticles and nails? Massage the wool wax into the skin surrounding the nails, but not before the applying the nail polish. Before leaving the cosmetic salon, ask your professional to rub some lanolin to keep your cuticles neat and intact.

7. Protects the skin from the drying effects of regular razor uses. No wonder why several manufacturers have glued lanolin patches on disposable razors! The waxy substance provides a comfortable and smooth shave for both men and women. When the skin is sensitive and gets bumpy after removing the unwanted hair, use a cream with lanolin as an aftershave balm. It has a strong odor, but you could combine it with natural essential oils (lavender, eucalyptus, mint) to change that.

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