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Why do you use a Diaper Rash Ointment?

Seems like a rather dumb question, doesn’t it? Your child has developed diaper rash, and you want it gone! It is painful, and can damage their skin if left untreated. You’re a good Parent, why wouldn’t you try to make it better? Of course you would, the next question is which one?

There are dozens of diaper rash ointments available on the market; which one should you use? The one with the most advertising? The one your Mother or friends used? The one your Pediatrician recommended? All good questions with viable answers. The best answer is the one that works best for your child!

We would like to humbly offer our product as a very good answer. Ingredients are important; that’s what makes the product work! Start with the basics… Zinc Oxide is the most widely recommended active ingredient in rash treatment. Its purpose is to create a barrier against wetness to deter further irritation. We start with that, and we start with more Zinc Oxide than most other brands! This is where the further comparison begins:

Take an honest look at what ingredients are added then to most brands. We believe that you will see that most simply add softeners and fragrances. While they do no harm, they don’t really add anything to the products effectiveness. What do they include to stop the pain? What do they add to actually heal the damaged skin?

PINXAV includes ingredients that work to do both! We add Oil of Wintergreen, Oil of Clove and Menthol. These agents contain anesthetic and counter-irritant properties to help stop the pain. Then we add Eucalyptol, Aloe and Vitamin E. These agents work to restore and heal the skin tissue.

Take a moment and check for yourself. We believe you will find PINXAV to be the best option to treat all the symptoms of your Babies rash. We have been doing this for almost 90 years, we think we have it right.

Simple question, simple answer!

PINXAV… The best rash decision you’ll ever make®

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