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Diaper Rash; Are you treating all the symptoms?

Diaper rash happens! It is caused by moisture, and it can be painful and damage the skin if left untreated. The common treatment is a diaper rash ointment…but are they all the same?

Most diaper rash products start with Zinc Oxide, the active ingredient most recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Zinc Oxide creates a barrier to shield the skin from further moisture – but you can do more! Rashes are sensitive and painful, does your diaper rash ointment work to stop the pain? Rashes can damage the skin, does your ointment work to actually heal the skin?

Check out the ingredients of the brand you currently use. Is the brand just adding lubricants, petroleum and fragrances to their formulas?

PINXAV is different! Pronounced “pink-salve”, it was developed by a group of Pharmacists in 1927 as a better alternative to anything that was currently available. Our formula has never changed! We too start with Zinc Oxide, 30%; compare that to the brand you use. But that was not enough. We add oils of clove and wintergreen along with menthol as local anesthetic agents to stop the pain! Next, we add Aloe, Vitamin E, and Eucalyptol to help heal the skin tissue.

We want your baby (and you!) to be as comfortable as possible. Think about what your current brand is offering, then consider PINXAV. 87 years of happy Moms and Babies can’t be wrong. PINXAV, The Best Rash Decision You’ll Ever Make!

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