The best "rash" decision you'll ever make.

Diaper Rash Happens... even among the most diligent of Moms; 75% of all Babies will develop diaper rash at least once every six months! The important decision is how you treat it. For over 80 years PINXAV Diaper Rash Ointment has given parents the very best choice in caring for their Babies. is your source for information about the causes, prevention and treatment options for diaper rash and minor skin irritations. We also provide you with ways to prevent diaper rash, and offer you the best product available to treat these problems.

PINXAV contains more of the active ingredient recommended to treat diaper rash than most other brands. That, coupled with our unique proprietary formulation, offers Mom the best product they can buy to stop the pain and heal their Babies' delicate skin.

When we say "the best rash decision you'll ever make" — we mean it; and stand behind it with our full Money Back guarantee!

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#1 Choice by Moms, Pharmacists & Pediatricians since 1927.

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I tried multiple different creams when my baby was a newborn. She has sensitive skin. We could only use certain wipes otherwise she’d get a rash. She had a bad one time and a friend brought over some bathing stuff and Pinxav. Not thinking it’d do anything different than the others but they sore by it so I was willing to try and have been hooked ever since. I will never let myself run out! Loyal customer for life or for as long as I have a baby and a toddler in diapers lol! My baby is now 18 mont…

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