• Zinc Oxide helps to significantly lower skin inflammation associated with rashes, allergies or irritation, including diaper rash!

  • Provides broad-spectrum sun protection that prevents burns and provides protection from skin cancer

  • Improves wound healing and prevents bacterial infections Aides in recovery of burns and damaged tissue

  • Helps to treat acne breakouts

  • Keeps moisture locked into dry skin

  • Prevents aging of the skin

  • Creates a lubricating and antibacterial barrier for high performance athletes such as cyclists, surfers, and runners to prevent chafing and infection.

  • And these are only a few of it’s uses!



Other natural ingredients include: 


Aloe: Sometimes called the “shining bitter substance,” aloe vera is a mild anesthetic that can relieve itching, swelling and pain. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties, can increase blood flow to wounds, and it can stimulate fibroblasts, the skin cells responsible for wound healing.


Vitamin E: It promotes healthy skin with its antioxidant properties, preventing cell damage by inhibiting the oxidation of lipids.


Eucalyptol: Also known as cineole, this colorless oily liquid is extracted from eucalyptus and used in pharmaceuticals, flavoring, and perfumery; it promotes healthy tissue.


Oil of Clove: Clove oil is made from the buds of the flowers of a tree that grows in tropical to Equatorial regions like Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. It is an intense oil, most commonly used to relieve dental pain and infection. It is antiseptic, carminative, warming, and very aromatic. It also is often used as a flavoring in toothpaste, mouthwashes, and exotic foods.


Menthol: This compound is obtained from peppermint oil or other mint oils. Menthol has local anesthetic and counterirritant properties.


Petrolatum: Also known as petroleum jelly, it is used in cold creams, emollients, and other skin creams. It is a purified combination of hydrocarbons made from petroleum. It helps soften the skin.


Lanolin: Besides being a wonderful emollient, lanolin is one of nature’s own oils and adds a waterproofing quality to Pinxav to keep out moisture.


Stearic Acid: Serves as a softener.

Cetyl alcohol: Cetyl alcohol is different from alcohols you might be familiar with, for instance ethyl- or rubbing alcohol, which dry the skin. Rather this is an emulsifying wax created by combining fatty alcohols derived from vegetable sources. It is used in many cosmetics as an emollient, thickening agent, moisturizer, emulsifier, and stabilizer. It also serves as a carrying agent for other ingredients.

Aluminum Hydroxide: it is used to reduce absorption of phosphorus and has a supportive role in helping Pinxav work more effectively.

Methyl Salicylate: Also known as oil of wintergreen, this is a local anesthetic agent and disinfectant commonly used in toothpaste, mouthwashes, and perfumes

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